Over the past decade and a half, conducting complex civil litigation has increasingly become one of the firm’s specialisations. Why do we even need to make this point – isn’t it part of the standard repertoire of a commercial law firm to assert its clients’ interests in court? As early as 1989, Rüdiger Volhard noted that successful lawyers are often proud ‘not to have seen the inside of a court for years’. Since then, the growing importance of advisory work has meant that the litigation business has become marginalised in the field of work of commercial lawyers.

Despite all personal style issues, our litigation is characterised by certain common basic principles: The starting point is a realistic assessment of the litigation prospects, in which we also include experience with the competent court. The means to success are persistence and a clear presentation in language and images (e.g. in annexes). The measure of our performance is the success of the case.

Our lawyers are at your disposal as contact persons for civil procedural questions.

Our lawyers are at your disposal as contacts in design law.