Dispute Resolution

As a highly specialised arbitration service, we offer a goal-oriented and efficient alternative, supplement or preliminary stage to court proceedings. Out-of-court dispute resolution works, especially in the field of intellectual property. We use our specialisation and many years of litigation experience to ensure that your proceedings are not concluded with a half-baked settlement on a 50% basis, but with a precisely tailored result.

The aim of the structured procedure is to conclude a watertight agreement in which the rights and obligations of the parties are reliably set out. Just like a court case, the proceedings before the conciliation centre lead to a titled, i.e. immediately enforceable result.

The conciliation office is staffed by recognised experts who are ‘at home’ in IP processes. The conciliation office is committed to working out the case for and with the parties. The aim of the procedure is to bring the parties to the same

the same result as in court proceedings: In terms of content, because the case is considered in depth, and in terms of form, because the proceedings are geared towards a titled result.

Further information can be found on our dedicated website IP Dispute Resolution Center.