Copyright law

“Authors of literary, scientific and artistic works shall enjoy protection for their works in accordance with the provisions of this Act” (Section 1 of the Copyright Act). Anyone attempting to determine the scope of copyright with the help of this legal formula will fall far short of the practical limits of the legal field. In fact, copyright and the “protective rights related to copyright” come into focus wherever people are creatively active. Relevant issues under copyright law are, for example

  • the formulation of product texts for a web store, the programming of websites
  • changing the architectural design of a house, but also its photographic reproduction;
  • the copying of photographs from an expert’s report on an antique gold coin;
  • the sale of imitation furniture by Le Corbusier;
  • the reproduction of toys;
  • the altered reproduction of a line drawing;
  • the “retransmission” of the program of a Peruvian television station as an Internet stream;
  • the use of music file-sharing networks;

This list gives an idea that copyright law affects almost all areas of life. In our practice, however, we have developed a number of areas in which we are particularly frequently mandated:

  • The representation of professional photographers.
  • Advising and representing graphic artists and designers, in particular in cases of imitations in connection with consumer goods (e.g. printing a design on a shower gel collection).
  • Representing television stations and OTT providers.
  • Advising and representing product designers and design companies.
  • Settling disputes between authors and rights holders, e.g. in cases of doubt about the scope of the granting of a right of use or with regard to claims for additional remuneration.

Over the past 14 years, we have handled more than 4,000 copyright cases and conducted at least a three-digit number of court proceedings. Since copyright matters almost always depend on a case-by-case approach and a gut feeling and instinct, this wealth of experience helps us to effectively enforce our clients’ rights.

Our lawyers are at your disposal as contact persons for copyright law.