Patent and utility model law

Media reporting on the patent war between the manufacturers of mobile phones in recent years has raised public awareness of the strategic and economic significance patent rights generally have for companies. 

Patent-related legal work can be divided into two major fields: patent registration, i.e. legal support in dealing with patent authorities to obtain patent protection, and patent litigation.

Patent registration

We do not personally perform patent registrations on behalf of our clients, but are more than happy to coordinate the protection of our clients’ inventions, also on an international basis, by involving suitable patent lawyers. If required, we will take care of the entire correspondence until the desired patents are granted.

Patent litigation

Germany is a globally renowned venue for patent suits. Both the District Courts (LG) of Düsseldorf and Mannheim have achieved an excellent reputation among patent law specialists in recent years. However, also other patent courts – including the District Court of Frankfurt – have become the venue of patent disputes with material and lasting significance for the companies involved and even entire industries.

We are fully committed to contributing to the development of this branch of law by means of competent and forceful litigation work. Even though patent disputes are dealt with by specialised courts in Germany, litigators play an important mediating role in such disputes:

their task not only involves understanding the technical facts, if need may be with the support of patent lawyers, but also recognising the legally relevant facts and presenting these to the courts in a comprehensible way. In order to accomplish this task, the litigator requires legal expertise, but also an affinity for technology and love for the clear linguistic presentation of complex technical and legal matters.

Your contact in matters of patent law: Rechtsanwalt Dr. Schmitt-Gaedke.


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