Expertise in IP & Competition Law

We have been specialized and experienced in these fields for years. Companies from various industries trust our professional competencies.


The extra mile

We are relentless in finding the best solution for you. In doing so, we think outside the legal box and develop customized alternatives.


Success through teamwork

We are a tight-knit and experienced team. We assert your interests by combining our individual competencies, experience and strengths.


Reliable partner

We take responsibility and see it as our job to watch your back and keep you informed about the development of your case in a structured and comprehensive manner.

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Your specialists for IP & Competition Law

As a small, modern boutique law firm in the heart of the European city of Frankfurt am Main, we represent your interests with a special attitude and personality.

Our goal: to ensure your business success by developing legal solutions that pay off and let you sleep well.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Without the registration in 1905 and the ongoing support of the trademark, "Milka" would only be a name. With our all-round service and protection for your company name and trademark, we create the legal framework for your business success.

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We are fascinated by copyright law not only because of the manifold procedural problems, but also because of the possibility to deal intensively with creative works - be it literature, music, film, photography, fine arts or architecture - and to elaborate and defend their particular features.

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Competition Law

Disputes under competition law require speed of reaction, flexibility of thinking and a profound knowledge of procedural law. Thanks to our experience from more than 1000 competition proceedings, we advise and represent you effectively and professionally.

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IT/media law

Thanks to Twitter, Instagram & Co, media diversity and media consumption have increased significantly over the past few years. We support you in dealing with the legal problems that arise in this context, e.g. in the case of hate speech, inappropriate evaluations or untruthful and defamatory statements.

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Design Patent

Design law plays a particularly important role in our practice. Regardless of the industry you belong to and the nature of your product, we advise and represent you in the protection of your - registered or unregistered - designs and in the fight against counterfeiting.

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Patent Law

Patent law regulates the creation and the effect of industrial property rights for inventions. We have more than 10 years of experience in complex and economically significant patent disputes in front of the leading patent courts in Europe, the District Courts of Mannheim and Düsseldorf, but also in front of other courts.

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