OUR mission statement

Innovative approaches, embracing challenges,
personal commitment and strong partnership.

As a firm specialised in all fields of intellectual property law, media and competition law, we take a proactive stance in representing your interests. You will experience and value our strengths and assertiveness in personal meetings and in the course of our focused litigation strategy.

Joint success is a law to itself


Innovative approaches

Each client and case is unique, requiring professional scrutiny on the one hand and dealing with personal conflict arising from the specific situation on the other. In order to find the best possible solution for our clients, we deliberately consider alternative and even unconventional options.


Embracing challenges

We love complicated cases and the opportunity to rise to the challenges they pose. We believe it is important to also understand the economic dimension of legal circumstances so that we can find innovative approaches to dealing with our clients’ problems. Our aim is to establish a long-term partnership of equals with our clients.


Personal commitment

We are a boutique law firm with highly committed lawyers, and we believe in giving specific recommendations that our clients can rely on and use to benefit their businesses. The benchmark for measuring our litigation work is the results we are able to achieve for our clients, with whom we always deal at eye level.


Strong partnership

We involve our clients in finding the best possible solution to their case by presenting the risks, defining objectives together with them and by implementing everything that might be required to reach these objectives and to building a long-term partnership.


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