Clients and cases

Our clients include private individuals and companies from all kinds of industries. We count artists, authors, scientists and public figures among our private clients. The smallest company we represent has 1 employee - the largest more than 80,000. The youngest company has yet to be established - the oldest goes back nearly 750 years. In the following, we give a few examples of the industries, clients and cases we deal with.

Health sector

Health sector and competition

We advise and represent doctors, physiotherapists, medical care centres, hospitals, hospital groups and health insurance companies in a highly competitive market. We review slogans, claims and advertising presences (like websites for example). In addition, we render legal advice to the pharmaceutical industry when developing product denominations and advertising therapeutic goods.

We constantly litigate on behalf of representatives from all fields of the health industry, for instance, in trademark disputes regarding the names of products or companies, in proceedings under the laws for advertising therapeutic products or conflicts arising from the publication of inadmissible statements in the media or on the internet (e.g. product reviews).

Retail industry

Protecting the intellectual property rights of retailers

We support companies from the fashion, food and consumer goods industry - to name but a few - in protecting and strategically developing their brand portfolio and their designs while ensuring that their general terms and conditions and other contracts are up to date.

Our retail clients include successful online retailers and traditional long-established companies.

Creative minds and companies

We know how creative minds tick

Artists, authors, musicians, scientists, graphic designers, photographers and other individuals from the creative industry rely on our advice, for example, when it comes to the rights they can establish to their graphic artwork, corporate designs and photos and how such rights can be protected. Our competence in this field is valued by PR, advertising, internet and model agencies.

Producing industries

The special needs of producing enterprises

Producers of technical products, in particular measuring instruments and workshop equipment, seek our advice regarding design and patent protection.

Here, it is important to maintain a balanced, economic view of the circumstances and to pay attention to the specific needs of producing enterprises. We enforce claims under competition law, protecting both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Financial advisors and companies from the financial sector

Our services for service providers
We offer legal advice and litigation services for companies from the financial and consultancy sectors, such as banks, insurers, fund management companies, private equity firms and advisors like lawyers, engineers and business consultants, on all matters concerning trademark and competition law.


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