Our clients

We owe what we have achieved to our clients. Together with them, we want to continue to develop, grow and be successful. Due to our acknowledged expertise in commercial law, we now work almost exclusively for national and international companies that wish to receive long-term, personal support. Nevertheless, our expectations of a "good case" have not changed: For us, the personal contact and the challenge of the task remain decisive. We would like to introduce a few sectors and cases we have worked on here as examples.

Industry 4.0

Digitalization has been no longer "new territory" for the industry for a long time. For almost 10 years, we have been assisting industrial companies, as well as start-ups and technology-based companies, who wish to contractually implement their projects or require advice on competition law or IP law issues.

Our clients include, for example, furniture manufacturers, food producers or highly specialized service providers for the manufacturing industry.

Consumer Goods Industry

When representing the consumer goods industry, we focus on trademark protection and the protection of designs and other unique features of products. The consumer goods industry has always played a leading role in our litigation work, and we handle approximately 50% of our cases for manufacturers of luxury goods (e.g. watches and clothing), consumer goods (e.g. kitchen accessories), technical products (e.g. bicycle trailers) and other companies in this sector.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries due to constant scientific developments and strong international competition. We support our clients, for example, in finding strategies for the protection of patents and designs. In competition and trademark related cases, we have been working with a long-established pharmaceutical company since 2009.

IT, Internet & Media

Anyone who thinks that long-term relationships are less important here than in other industries is mistaken. In our experience, for example, in the culture of Internet companies, which is characterized by constant change, it is particularly important to be able to call on professional help quickly when needed and - above all - to have a reliable partner who proactively follows your thinking. Our clients include i.e. a leading nutrition app, a furniture platform and an IP-TV provider.

Entertainment industry

As far as personality and legal issues are concerned, creative artists, writers, musicians, scientists, graphic designers, photographers and other creative professionals play a special role for us. We are excited about cases from the creative sector, because it gives us an insight into a different universe, and because it is particularly compelling to combine issues that are charged with creative energy by legal precision.

Service Provider

Service providers such as law firms, agencies, IT service providers, tax and business consulting companies rely on our expertise in a clearly specified area and appreciate our own ambition to get to the core of complicated issues. Special attention is paid to trademark and competition law disputes, which can arise in particular in the event of changes in the sales and shareholder structure of service companies.


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