As specialists, we are experts in the field of intellectual property. With our expertise and experience, we represent your interests strongly and assertively. In judicial and extrajudicial counseling and representation, we are at your side as a reliable and competent partner.
Our activities not only cover the areas of expertise mentioned below, but go beyond them. Our strength lies in the research and documentation of your matter. Here we would like to give you an insight into our services

Our legal areas

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Trademark Law

With our comprehensive service and protection for your company name and trademark, we create the legal framework for your entrepreneurial success.

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Copyright Law

Copyright law protects literary, scientific and artistic works by identifying and defending their specific features.

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Competition Law

Competition law enables companies or associations to pursue anti-consumer and other unfair acts.

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Patent Law

Patent law regulates the creation and impact of industrial property rights for inventions.

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IT/Media Law

Media law has many faces; e.g. protection against untruthful or defamatory statements. We support you in dealing with the legal problems that may arise.

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Design Law

We advise and defend you in the protection of your - registered or unregistered - designs and in the protection against counterfeiting.


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